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Iwona Kaminska
Peace & Harmony
Portsmouth & Southsea, UK

Website www.peaceharmonystudio.co.uk
Facebook www.facebook.com/Peace-Harmony-104226417651502

PayPal: paypal.me/peaceharmonystudio

Email: Peace.Harmony.Studio@gmail.com
UK 0744 28 24 385

The best way to contact me is sending SMS, WhatsApp or email. 



Prices usually, £60 per one hour session and this is hands-on time.
£75 per 75 minutes
£90 per 90 minutes
£35 per half an hour treatment.

Holistic Spiritual Treatment including Head Massage, Stress Relief - 1 hour - £60
Full Body Relaxing, Swedish Massage - 1 hour - £60
Lymphatic Drainage - 1 hour - £60
Reflexology - 1 hour - £60
Facial Reflexology - 1 hour - £60
Large Intestine Reflexology - 1 hour - £50
Japanese Face-lifting Massage - 1 hour - £70
Acupuncture - 1 hour - £60
Facial Acupuncture - 1 hour - £65
Deep Tissue & Cupping - 1 hour - £60
Pregnancy Massage - 1 hour - £50

I can offer some reduced rates, especially to children and students, please inquire.

Gift Vouchers are available.  

Payments accepted in cash, by bank transfer or card. 

Cancellation policy
Please let me know about the cancellation more than 24 hours before the appointment planned.
If the cancellation notice was given less than 24 hours, the Client should pay 50% of the price of the treatment booked.
We should respect each other's time.

You can find me at:

Pompey Health and Fitness Club - previous name ROKO
442 Copnor Road, Portsmouth Po3 5EW

Help for those living with Multiple Sclerosis

Contact & Prices. Person surrounded

Holistic Treatment

Obviously, everybody is different, has different health conditions, different background, different sources of problems, the body reacts in different way so the effects very for various people.
I cannot guarantee anything but reflexology is really worth to try and feel its positive effects.
I believe, the clue is deep relaxation. If the mind, body and spirit are relaxed and balanced, everything goes well and miracles can happen.

Healing Crisis

As after any natural, holistic therapy, sometimes the healing crisis may happen when your body is moving from poor health to good health. It means that you might feel worse before you feel better. This is because sometimes the body is detoxifying faster than the body can get rid of the toxins, especially with chronic conditions. Healing crisis can raise emotional issues as well as physical ones. If you feel more emotional, just cry. It is really good way to release the emotional burden. I’m practicing reflexology over five years and maybe four or five people reported to me that they had healing crisis discomfort so it happens rather not often.
It is very important to drink plenty of water after the treatment to flush toxins out.
No fizzy drinks or alcohol!! And do not fight with yourself once you feel sleepy, just have a nap. It will be very beneficial for you.

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Aftercare Advice

Thank you very much for having your treatment with me.

To get the best from your treatment, I advise that after the treatment you should:
Take at least an hour rest
Drink a lot of water to flush out toxins
Do not eat heavy, big meals
Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, stimulants
Allow yourself just to rest with slow breathing

Sometimes before you feel better, you might feel worse due to more toxins release than your body can get rid of at the time.
Please do not worry about these effects.
They are only temporary and quite normal.

You may feel tired and sleepy
You may feel more emotional than usual
You may use the toilet more often
You may experience the redness of the skin
You may feel hot, cold, pulsating in the body
Symptoms of any illness may feel worse

If you have any questions following your treatment, please contact me
by email or by mobile phone:

Email: Peace.Harmony.Studio@gmail.com
Mobile: 0744 28 24 385

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I would appreciate your Feedback. If there is anything you think I should do better,
please let me know. If you had the most amazing treatment, please let me know too and tell also all your friends.
You can put your review, recommendation on my Facebook page
under this link www.facebook.com/pg/Peace-Harmony-104226417651502/reviews
or by the “SEND A REVIEW” button located on the side bar on this page.

Mobile Therapist

In case it is needed, I can go to Client's home for treatment.

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Appointments after hours available by arrangement.

Please come for the treatment only is you don't have flu like symptoms.

The stated time is your hands on treatment time.
Please allow extra time for the Consultation during your first visit.

I am a Member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) - Membership No. 205795
Insured by BALENS.

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